OROVILLE, Wash. — Mosul is one of the most dangerous places in the world. And while hundreds of thousands fled, an American and his family moved in, risking their lives to save others. 
As an aid worker in Mosul, David Eubank sees death every single day. 
“We see families killed,” says Eubank, a former Green Beret. “One woman, probably a 19-year-old, new mother, little newborn, died in my arms.”
But one recent rescue was different. 
“I see what turns out to be about 70 dead bodies — woman, children, guys in wheelchairs — and then a little girl, sitting next to her dead mother. Hiding under the black hijab,” Eubank says. 
ISIS snipers filled the air with gunfire. But Eubank had to get to the little girl. 
Iraqi and U.S. forces helped on the ground and in the air, putting up a blanket of protective smoke so he could run. Twelve seconds, in and out, she …