SCOTTSBURG, Ind. — A customer’s act of kindness in the drive-thru ended up sparking a chain reaction of goodwill at a southern Indiana McDonald’s.
Hunter Hostetler, a cashier at the restaurant, said an older woman waiting in the restaurant’s drive-thru Sunday decided to pay for a large order for the van behind her in line as a kind gesture for Father’s Day. A man and four children were inside the van. They’d ordered “a bunch of Happy Meals, two Quarter Pounders, a Big Mac meal” and some other items, Hostetler told WDRB.
The woman told Hostetler to wish the man a “Happy Father’s Day” before paying for the order and driving off.
That would’ve been a heartwarming story in its own right. However, the dad in the van didn’t just take his food and run. Instead, he paid for the orders for a couple cars behind him in line.
The idea spread like wildfire, quickly becoming …