With a public consultation taking place over the summer, Vancouver is looking to reduce the amount of coffee cups, plastic bags and various foam take-out containers in city dumps. The consultation will outline the various strategies available to reduce single-use waste and bans are not being ruled out.
Per week, over 2.6 million coffee cups make their way into Vancouver’s landfills. It is worth noting that the image above is from the Vancouver Landfill and Recycling Depot.
Andrea Reimer, a politician who sits on the Vancouver, British Columbia’s city council said, “[The cups] take up about 22 per cent of the volume of our on-street garbage system, and they’re costing us literally millions of dollars to deal with. We believe that a ban is legally possible, and we have asked staff to look very closely at that.”
Vancouver city staff have been researching ways in-which to reduce single use waste since the first quarter …