Leah Cocks has been awarded the Premju Papa ?wanni XXIII, organised by the Laboratorju tal-Pa?i, for standing by her schoolmate Kelly Grech when she was suddenly taken ill.
The 14-year-old was nominated for her kindness by her assistant head and head of school at the Santa Lucia St Thomas More College.
Her friend Kelly, an energetic 12-year-old, started complaining of fatigue in 2015, and it eventually transpired that her spine was growing at a faster rate that was not synchronised with the rest of her body. She spent some four months in bed, and when she returned to school, her classmates seemed reluctant to approach her.
But Leah did not leave her side. She carried her bag, took notes for her, and accompanied her throughout the day, cheering her up.
The school has already awarded Leah with a Merit Certificate for Altruism, but still felt she should be nominated for the Premju Papa ?wanni …