A huge convoy of 100 retired ambulances that set off from the UK in April has arrived in Syria, where they are already being put to use. 
Volunteers for the charity coalition Unity Convoy drove the decommissioned vehicles across five countries, arriving at the Syrian border last week, in what is thought to be the biggest aid convoy of its kind to make such a long journey. 
The vehicles were transferred to rebel-held Idlib province, where they were delivered to local hospitals.
The fully equipped units were called into use within hours of arrival after an explosion hit a marketplace in Idlib city on 20 June. 
“As soon as we received the Unity Convoy Ambulances, we heard an explosion nearby. The ambulance response team immediately set off to the area of the incident,” Dr Moustafa of Idlib’s Health Directorate said in a statement. 
The five UK charities that organised the Unity Convoy say that one …