An Irish family are “absolutely delighted” to have recovered a painting and family heirloom that was stolen from their home in mysterious circumstances close to a decade ago.
Conor is known for his pastel and oil paintings of daily life and he has been described as the “Belfast counterpart to Jack B Yeats”.
The pair also purchased a second painting on that day, ‘The Prodigal Son’ by self-taught Belfast artist Daniel O’Neill. Both paintings were displayed on the walls of the Malpress family home for over 50 years.
Aware of the value of the paintings, the family treated them with great caution and care.
In fact in 2003, they replaced them with replicas on the advice of the PSNI, but after the threat of seizure passed they placed the originals back on the walls.
The family reported the theft to the PSNI but the whereabouts of the two paintings …