Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville issued the alert
The White House says voters should not trust a new Congressional Budget Office report on the Senate Republicans’ health care bill, which estimates 22 million more people will be uninsured by 2026 if the Senate bill replaces Obamacare. There are six GOP senators who are currently against the plan. Nancy Cordes reports.
Two subway cars derailed in Manhattan Tuesday morning, causing seven minor injuries, authorities said.
This Kentucky town has gone to the dogs.
Meet Brynneth Pawltrow, a rescue pit bull that is making strides in Rabbit Hash as their latest town mayor.
The pup, nicknamed Brynn, was rescued by owner Jordie Bamfort when she was just a puppy, and beat out a cat, a chicken and a donkey during the election.
“I’m so proud of her,” Bamfort told She explained that their campaign started off as a joke, but they jumped at the opportunity to raise money …