Preston Phan left his home in Seattle in late 2016 with $250 in his bank account and hopes of making it big in Silicon Valley. On the streets of San Francisco he became homeless for the first time in his life and struggled to get by each day. Less than a year later, he got a job making more than $100K for LinkedIn through help from a Tenderloin-based organization focused on putting homeless people to work at Silicon Valley tech firms.
It was Christmas Day 2016 when 29-year-old Preston Phan stood on the streets of San Francisco’s Mission District, FaceTime-chatting his family, careful not to allow the building where he was staying to slip into view.
Phan had left Seattle jobless and was now broke and living in a homeless shelter. Interest on his student debt was growing and his hopes of making it were shrinking.
According to Phan, three months later he …