INSIDE EDITION – Meet Brynneth Pawltrow, a rescue pit bull that is making strides in Rabbit Hash as their latest town mayor.
The pup, nicknamed Brynn, was rescued by owner Jordie Bamfort when she was just a puppy, and beat out a cat, a chicken and a donkey during the election.
“I’m so proud of her,” Bamfort told She explained that their campaign started off as a joke, but they jumped at the opportunity to raise money for the historic town.
Even though Brynn and Bamfort live six miles outside of Rabbit Hash, “It is such a special place for me. When [Brynn] hears, ‘Let’s go to Rabbit Hash,’ she cries the entire way there.”
Since being elected and becoming the town’s second female mayor, Brynn has been fulfilling mayoral duties such as appearing at fundraisers, being pet by locals and taking naps by the river.
“To be completely honest, she just has to …