He may be only 11 years old, but Bishop Curry is already working on a solution to a major problem plaguing the country: the tragic deaths of young children in hot cars.
A year ago, the McKinney, Texas, boy saw a local news report about a 6-month-old in his neighborhood who died after being left in a hot car. Within hours after learning the upsetting news, Bishop created a prototype of a device he believes could have saved the child’s life.
“It made him sad, and at that point, the wheels started turning in his mind,” Bishop’s father, Bishop Curry IV, told CBS News. “He came up with a way to prevent it from happening.”
As soon as Curry walked in the door from work that day, his son ran to share the news, holding up a wrinkled piece of notebook paper scribbled with detailed plans for his invention, which he calls “Oasis.”
“When …