Winston Gordon has spent a year driving a delivery van in his spare time to take surplus food — destined for landfill — to charities across London.
This week it was his turn to be fed as volunteers from the Felix Project were feted at the St Cuthbert’s Centre in Earl’s Court, one of the places they have helped with free, in-date food that would otherwise have been wasted.
He told The Independent he had been shocked by the “magnitude” of London’s food waste problem, with hundreds of thousands of tonnes of edible food thrown away each year.
At St Cuthbert’s this summer, leading chefs including Angela Hartnett and Michel Roux Jr have been cooking for homeless people and other disadvantaged Londoners, serving meals made from ingredients supermarkets would otherwise have thrown away.
The centre, which has served the community for years, is now the third surplus food canteen opened by the world’s top-rated chef, Massimo Bottura, under his Food for Soul …