A Waco paramedic crew recently stopped to help a 98-year-old woman mow the lawn after spotting her working in 90-degree weather.
According to KWTX, the paramedic crew members were between calls on Wednesday when they noticed that Margaret Durham appeared to be overheated. The ETMC paramedics turned the ambulance around and helped the elderly woman finish the job.
Pam Durham told KWTX that her mother-in-law thought the paramedic crew “must be from heaven” and was surprised they stopped.
Waco native Dashlin James managed to snap a photo of the kind-hearted favor and posted it onto his Facebook.
“We have helped her before as well,” wrote James. “She is so sweet … This crew of ETMC came around twice and are cutting her grass! Thank you ETMC! I had to capture these photos!! Thank you guys for helping her out! Lets give these men and woman a round of applause for saving lives and helping others out! They are appreciated!!”
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