We’re Not the Answer to Other People’s Problems. They Are.
Love shows up when the bullets fly, when the bombs drop. But then love gets out of the way.  Real peace—lasting, sustainable change—only happens when we allow others to own their future.
Local problems need local solutions.
When it comes to the battle against ISIS in Iraq or the refugee crisis in Syria, we can be the conduit, but local people and partners—they are the answer. That is why we call ourselves a coalition. It’s not just a name; it’s our organizational model.
Ten years ago, we started helping kids get life-saving heart surgeries. We weren’t the only ones doing this work. Many foreign doctors came to Iraq—but they relegated local doctors and nurses to the sidelines of the operating theater.
This approach saved a lot of lives, but it failed to address the the underlying need: making sure Iraq’s medical system can give …