When you walk into the Whataburger on Fort Worth Drive and Interstate 35E in the morning, you’re likely to see a few things: orange and white cups full of steaming coffee, lots of honey butter chicken biscuits and Dawn Henley, a Whataburger employee, shuffling around quickly, delivering orders and chatting up her customers.
Henley calls her regular customers her “Whatafamily.” When she was first hired at the Denton Whataburger 16 years ago, Henley began making a lasting impact on the store’s customers.
“She just takes care of her customers so well,” said customer Sandra Crafts. “She makes us feel so good to be here. I don’t know anybody in any place I’ve been that I’ve noticed as much as her.”
Around Christmas, Crafts, who is 75 years old, was too exhausted to prepare her own breakfasts due to her second round of chemotherapy. She started meeting up with a group of seniors who …