One Colorado man sealed the deal with more than a ring.
Vinny Capaldo-Smith tricked his now-fiancée, Brooke Wodark, into inking on him her answer to his marriage-proposal.
The moment was caught on camera as tattoo artist Capaldo-Smith, 30, talked Wodark, 23, into tattooing a heart on his ankle. Never having done a tattoo before, she told ABC News it was “nerve-racking” because “you’re about to put a needle in somebody,” but little did she know what would happen next.
Capaldo-Smith lifted up his shorts to reveal a hidden tattoo he had gotten the day before that read, “Will you marry me?” with boxes for Wodark to check “yes” or “no.” Overjoyed, she marked “yes” after crying tears of joy.
“I had no idea. In my mind I was just scared to tattoo in general,” Wodark recalled. “He told me I was going to tattoo a …