Nic Sakurai received the nations first nongendered drivers license in the District of Columbia. Instead of the standard "M" or "F" designations, district residents may now recieve an "X" on their IDs. (Tom Hausman/The Diamondback)

Sakurai, the University of Maryland LGBT Equity Center associate director, identifies as neither a man nor a woman, also known as gender non-binary. The gender-neutral ‘X’ designation allows some people to select an option on their licenses that retains their privacy or better reflects their identities, Sakurai said.
“I finally have an ID that’s true, that’s not a lie any time that I show it or even just think about it,” Sakurai said while sitting in their office. On their black t-shirt was a terrapin in pink, blue and white — the colors of the the transgender flag.
“The staff seemed really excited,” Sakurai said. “We were really excited. One of my friends came in a little bit later and got an ID with an ‘X’ on it and the person who was at the desk doing it was like, ‘Oh, this is my first. I’m excited I get to …