Bibiana Steinhaus will be the first female referee in German football history to lead Bundesliga games. The 38-year-old woman belongs to a total of four newcomers, who will be in the first league from the 2017/18 season. This has been decided by the Presidium of the German Football Association (DFB) in Frankfurt.
“It has always been my dream as a referee to be active in the Bundesliga, and I am very pleased that this dream is going to come true,” commented Steinhaus. Previously Steinhaus was still on the whistle of the women’s final in the Champions League.
In addition to Steinhaus, the second-division referees Martin Petersen, Sven Jablonski and Sören Storks will also be on the Bundesliga. As three referees for  reasons for their  age end their career, Wolfgang Stark, Günter Perl and Joachim Drees, the number of Bundesliga referees increases to 24.
At the same time, the DFB significantly improves the …