A mom of three from Colorado, Kayannette Gabrielle, went missing in April 2006. On 28th February, her loved ones received the news they had long been looking forward to in the last 11 years: Gabrielle was alive.
Gabrielle had relocated to California from Colorado after her children graduated and spread out across the nation. For the duration she was in California, Gabrielle wished to follow her passion for spiritual, holistic work; however, she disappeared without a trace.
Roger Rybicka, Courty Rybicka, Kayannette Gabrielle, Vi Rybicka, Jared Hanlon, Colette Hanlon and Brett Hanlon
Her kids, Jared, Brett, and Colette, at first thought she may be on tour to Australia; however, when days turned into months and no word from her, Brett went to the County Sheriff’s Department in Los Angeles, and filed a missing person report.
Gabrielle’s credit cards had no activity at all, neither did her email account; nothing changed,” 46-year-old Hanlon said …