Two sisters from Santa Claus, Indiana are preparing for a very special day this fall. 
Ashley Schaus, 23, met her fiancé, Will Seaton, in 2010 after they both attended a car show. Not long after they started dating, Ashley introduced Will to her sister, Hannah, and told him they were a package deal. 
“She has Down syndrome and diabetes, and I look after her and protect her,” Ashley told FOX 5’s Katie Muse. “To be with me, you must accept her and love her as well.” 
Ashley said Will went above and beyond to do just that, and has treated Hannah like a little sister from day one.
The Schaus sisters have been inseparable since the day Hannah was born. From running errands, to school visits and even sleepovers, they do just about everything together. 
“Hannah and I share a very special bond,” Ashley said. “We built our home close to Hannah, so that we can spend a …