Yosemite National Park has been under the protection of the US National Park Service since 1864.
It might be 1,168 square miles in size and one of the most visited tourist attractions in North America, but that doesn’t mean that Yosemite National Park doesn’t sometimes need a helping hand. And that’s just what it got recently… A BIG helping hand.
Robin Cartwright and his wife Nancy owned a large meadow attached to the park and, at 400 acres of prime real estate, it’s safe to say that the land was worth a pretty penny. But instead of building on Ackerson Meadow or selling it to developers to do so, the Cartwrights decided to practically gift their investment to a land trust. They donated it to Yosemite.
They rejected the chance to sell the meadow for huge sums of money in order to help the park. And by doing so, they’ve expanded it …