A bald eagle is receiving medical care this Fourth of July weekend after it was found on a Washington, D.C., street Saturday afternoon — injured and unable to fly.
Not long ago, the symbol of America’s strength and freedom was hard to find anywhere in the United States. Now, the bald eagle is back, CBS News’ Chip Reid reports.
In southeastern Virginia near the Chesapeake Bay, expert climber Shane Lawler scales the highest trees in the forest, because that’s where bald eagles live.
While their parents circle — and complain — high above, 5-week-old twins are gently placed in a bag and lowered to the ground, where wildlife biologist Bryan Watts and his team take over. They fit the dazed birds with ID bands and give them physical exams that most humans would envy.
CBS News asked if the bird was in pretty good shape, and Watts replied, “Yeah this …