A lot of Americans are getting a raise this holiday weekend.
Minimum wage hikes take effect Saturday in cities, counties and states across the country.
In San Francisco and Los Angeles, the increase is a step toward a minimum wage of $15 an hour — the “living wage” threshold that workers’ rights activists have been lobbying for since 2012.
The minimum wage goes up to $14 an hour in San Francisco on Saturday, on the way to $15 next year. In Los Angeles, it rises to between $10.50 and $12, depending on the size of the business. It will hit $15 for all businesses in 2021.
“It’s a lot of help,” Agadette Solis, a 21-year-old IHOP hostess in Los Angeles, told CNNMoney.
She joined the Fight for $15 movement last year, and says her wages help support her two siblings and her mother, who has another …