The Altadena Mountain Rescue Team saved a terrier from a 110-foot-deep canyon Sunday morning after she fell during a hike in the Angeles National Forest.
The 7-year-old dog, a terrier named Marley, was walking the Altadena Crest Trail with two other leashed dogs and her owner, when she fell off the trail, according to the Altadena Sheriff’s Station. The Altadena Fire Department searched nearby Eaton Canyon, but was unable to find Marley.
The rescue team then arrived just after 9 a.m., sending three crews to different parts of the trail. After a hiker told one of the crews that he may have heard barking near the small canyon, they re-searched the area.
Shortly after, they found Marley uninjured on a ledge 10 feet from the bottom of the canyon, the Altadena Sheriff’s Station wrote on Facebook.
The team then carried Marley out …