LONDON — Few things are more quintessentially British than a funfair for children. And nothing conveys the British slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On” like staging one for children rendered homeless after an inferno that killed at least 80 people.
The local mosque near Grenfell Tower, the 24-story West London apartment building that was destroyed by fire on June 14, held a delayed Eid al-Fitr celebration on Saturday for survivors and their neighbors — and most of all, their children.
It featured a bouncy castle, face-painting tables, a playpen full of colorful balls and helium balloons on long strings, all funfair staples. Copious free food included not only chicken biryani and samosas, but also cookies and chocolate cupcakes. There was an old-fashioned popcorn popper and a vat to spin pink cotton candy — candy floss, the British call it. Even the sun made an unscheduled appearance.
That befitted what was a determinedly upbeat …