It’s no secret that in many parts of the country, people give little priority to educating girl children. And the possibility that a girl might go from primary school to high school, and all the way to college, becomes even more remote if she belongs to a poor family.
But, as Preethi Madambi from Kerala’s Thrissur district proved, when parents struggle to heed their children’s longing to learn, the results can be stupendous.
Days after she completed her PhD from Calicut University, Preethi wrote an emotional Facebook post dedicating her success to her father, who slogged untiringly all his life to educate her and her sister with his meagre resources as a daily wage labourer.
In her post, Preethi vividly describes the scene of her father returning from work each day.
“Every evening, a man would return home after work, with a hoe (gardening tool) on his right shoulder, and an old bag containing …