But the most remarkable thing about the party was that Ethan was still alive to enjoy it, more than five years after his doctors said he had as little as six months to live.
He can’t communicate, walk or smile anymore, but he can feel and hear. Nobody’s sure how much he can see, but judging from his reaction to a baboon named Mickey, his mother, Robyn Jeffcoat, suspects he can at least see vague shapes.
“When they put Mickey next to him, right away his eyes looked over and he looked straight at it,” Jeffcoat recalled. “He definitely knew what was going on. That tells me that Ethan’s not totally blind, because Mickey wasn’t making noises.”
“There were a few people who loved holding the snake, including my son Grant. I thought he was crazy, I don’t like snakes,” Robyn said with a laugh. “There were a few people who stayed on …