Mohamed Bzeek terminally ill foster children Credit: Courtesy Mohamed Bzeek

For more than two decades, Mohamed Bzeek has quietly cared for children who are frequently neglected — terminally ill foster kids who often can’t see, hear or talk, and have little time left to experience love, hope and laughter.
Since 1995, Bzeek, 62, of Azusa, California, has buried 10 severely disabled foster children, in addition to his wife, Dawn, who died two years ago after developing blood clots in her lungs. Dawn, who was caring for foster children when she and Mohamed met, agreed with him after they married that they should devote themselves to enhancing the lives of the most vulnerable.
After her death, “it only seemed natural to continue,” says Bzeek, who is now looking after a 6-year-old girl whom he can’t name due to privacy laws. Born deaf, blind and with microcephaly — a condition where the brain doesn’t develop properly, “the only way to communicate with her is by …