Our nation’s next great holiday, Independence Day, is right around the corner. The Fourth of July is a remembrance of what we as a nation set out to be and a rousing celebration of what we have become. It is the day we commemorate the freedom won by patriots of old.
Blake’s Hard Cider Co. will have more room to help meet the demand for popular varieties of hard cider drinks, as the company is completing a $2 million expansion that will double capacity at its production facility.
Resourceful Roseville fire crews recently rescued nine little ducklings that had fallen into a storm drain and reunited them with their mother.
Firefighters had just returned from assisting a 22-year-old resident who had possibly overdosed when they received word of the ducklings trapped in the drain on Brandt Street.
They drove to Brandt Street where they encountered an “irritable” mother duck by herself circling …