A STUNNED family’s pet spaniel must have been barking up the wrong tree when it got stuck on the ROOF of their house while they were on holiday.
The mischievous mutt, who is “always desperate for attention”, managed to climb out of a skylight after escaping the attention of its dog-sitter.
When her owner Julia Wright, who had been holidaying in Spain with her four children, returned to the home in Hollywood, Birmingham, her phone was bombarded with photos of the rescue effort.
Julia, 49, said: “We had gone away to Spain for a week and left the dog with a dog-sitter.
“When the plane landed and we switched our phones on we had tonnes of pictures of the dog on the roof.
“I thought it was photoshopped!
“We couldn’t believe what was happening.
“Millie is always desperate for attention but even we couldn’t believe what she’d gone up to.
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