A school in East Yorkshire had a surprise visit from a group of Zulu dancers from South Africa who arrived at the wrong venue due to a mix-up with addresses.
The Lions of Zululand were supposed to perform at a school in London, but instead turned up at St Anne’s School in Welton more than 200 miles away.
Despite the mistake the troupe gave two performances for the children.
Assistant head Christine Lee said she was “surprised” when they arrived.
“There was a busload of Zulu warriors came into school, very unexpected,” she said.
“They said ‘St Anne’s?’ We said ‘yes, but we weren’t expecting you’.”
The dancers then realised they had come to the wrong school and should have been at a similarly named school in the capital.
“Obviously it was three and a half hours away,” said Ms Lee
“They were going for the full day and decided they were not going to get there …