There are well-known staples of the Fourth of July weekend: fireworks, cookouts — and having so much fun the neighbors call the police.
Two Asheville, N.C., police officers responded to a complaint Sunday morning over a homemade slip-and-slide allegedly blocking a road in the Oakley neighborhood. Kids and adults built the slide to cool off from the 85-degree heat; the officers quickly determined there were no issues.
“I’m not here to break up your fun,” Carrie Lee, one of the officers, said she told the crowd.
Then she one-upped the kids by slipping on a garbage bag and hurtling down the slide in full uniform — gun, badge and all — to cheers and high-fives among the residents. Videos of her slide, along with fellow officer Joe Jones, were posted to Facebook and quickly went viral.
“It was her idea,” Jones said in a Twitter video afterward. “I thought I was going to be able …