He’s Langley’s version of the food truck guy – without the truck.
Miguel is always “that” guy, the one with a big smile on his face, a boisterous ‘hello’ to passersby, and cool music emanating from his food stand in front of the Langley Real Canadian Superstore for years. All that, and the smell of fried onions, invariably brings a smile to the faces of customers coming and going from the grocery store.
Miguel has become a real favourite for many.
Today, his popularity is apparent by the sheer number of posted notes that are currently pinned to the gate of his hotdog shack.
Since Miguel became sick about two weeks ago and was forced to close up shop – hopefully only temporarily – his fans and friends have covered the gate outside his Gypsy Bite food stand with notes, well wishes, and even a few balloons.
There are so many notes – some that …