This is the moment an heroic lorry driver used his vehicle to save the life of a motorist who he spotted had passed out at the wheel.
Russell Dagless, 53, used his HGV to trap the driver’s van against a central reservation after seeing him slump over the wheel.
The dashcam footage taken by another lorry driver shows the quick thinking father-of-one positioning his trailer in front of the van as it was bouncing along the safety barrier.
Other motorists are then shown getting out of a car slowing behind Mr Dagless and joining him to give the unconscious driver first aid on the two-lane road.
Police said he saved the trucker’s actions saved the driver’s life who had lost consciousness after suffering a bleed to the brain.
It won him one of the highest awards from the Royal Humane Society for putting his life on the line on the A47 near Dereham, Norfolk.
He will …