by: ABC News Updated: Jul 8, 2017 – 7:52 AM
Wisconsin bus driver Trudy Serres crochets toys for each of the elementary school kids on her route.
Whatever they ask for — no matter how wacky the requests — they get. She’s done ice cream cones, unicorns, “Star Wars” characters and many more-elaborate, custom designs.
“She is the best,” parent Peggy Lamon, who has three children who ride on Serres’ bus, told ABC News. “She can control them. She is their second mom when they’re on her bus. She’s just amazing. She does everything for these kids. She’s very loving and caring, and I love her. I am so grateful she is going to be our bus driver next year.” 
 It all started when one of Lamon’s sons, Vincent Lamon, 10, dared Serres to make a crocheted taco after she had taught his older brother to crochet.
“His favorite food is tacos, so …