After President Trump and Pope Francis both brought to light the case of Charlie Gard, a New York City hospital has said it would be willing to attempt to help the dying child.
European politicians seem absolutely determined for Charlie to die, and are intent on barring his family from getting him help.
This is the true face of socialized medicine: desperate parents, begging to “be allowed” to take measures to save their child’s life, and elite politicians saying “no” for completely arbitrary reasons.
Even strong critics of President Trump, such as Cher, have agreed with him, and are lending their voice to help save Charlie.
As Charlie’s parents desperately try to save their son, the European political elites almost seem to be enjoying their “power” over them, gloating that “they know what’s best.”
One has to wonder, if Charlie were an Islamic or African migrant, would the European courts and politicians be so quick …