The rare Siberian tigers were caught on camera in the Land of the Leopard National Park in the Rusisan Far East. 
The mother seemed tired, perhaps after a night’s hunting, but the cubs wanted to play, as if posing for the camera trap set up by rangers to monitor the endangered species of Amur tigers and leopards. Their game became quite rough, biting each other, and rolling around, until they disturbed the mother who was not best pleased.
She roared and raised her paw at them, but also seemed to join in the game.
Her authority prevailed and the family appeared ready to sleep.
But at this point one of the cubs approached the camera trap and knocked it – causing the memory card to fall out, and ending their selfie show.
According to the latest data collected in 2016, there are 22 adult Siberian tigers and 7 cubs the Land of the Leopard …