With wild dogs continuing to present a major issue for livestock producers, a group of Eyre Peninsula locals are embracing the benefits of guardian animals.
Some producers in the far west of South Australia have seen sheep losses in their hundreds and are at their wits end about what to do about it.
At a recent workshop in Wudinna, producers and natural resource management (NRM) officers learnt how guardian animals including dogs, alpacas and donkeys are being used.
Linda von Bommel from the University of Tasmania has been researching the benefits in particular of the Maremma breed of dog.
She said the animal has an instinct to protect.
“They live out in the paddock with the livestock 24/7 and they deal with any predator that comes along and chase the predator away,” she said.
“Animals like llamas and alpacas and donkeys and mules, they have an inherent dislike of canid predators so anything that …