Since President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps in 1961, more than 225,000 Americans have served as volunteers in 140 countries worldwide, working on behalf of the United States to create lasting change in all kinds of communities.
Among the 37 Peace Corps volunteers from Alabama (according to 2016 statistics) are two Murphy High School graduates from Mobile: Lila Raouf, 24, who recently finished her two-year assignment; and LoRen Burroughs, 26, who is about halfway through hers.
Lila Raouf lived in a large village in the Kyrgyz Republic, where her main project was teaching English at a local school. She reached more than 70 boys and girls with youth leadership camps, taught yoga and helped teachers plan their English lessons.
“Lila has had an extraordinary adventure in the Peace Corps that has allowed her a tremendous insight into world issues,” said her mother, LaVada Raouf. “I am so proud of how she has …