Brad Junker, a Stillwater police community service officer, recently lent his personal vehicle to a couple doing dog-rescue work June 30, 2017. (Courtesy of Brad Junker)

When Brad and Molly Nemec’s Dodge Durango broke down in downtown Stillwater last month, they called City Hall to explain that it would be stranded overnight.
The Lindstrom, Minn., couple, who rescue Jindu dogs destined for slaughter in Korea, were on their way to pick up six dogs in Wisconsin when their SUV overheated near Teddy Bear Park.
The dogs, flown from Seoul to Chicago, had been picked up at O’Hare International Airport by a friend of Nemec’s. The friend planned to meet the Nemecs near the Wisconsin Dells, a halfway point between their home and the Chicago airport.
“We called and asked them not to tow us,” Molly Nemec said. “We were trying to get a rental car, but all the rentals were full because it was the holiday weekend. We needed one large enough to fit six dog kennels.”
Brad Junker, the Stillwater Police Department’s community service officer, went to check on …