Life as a member of The Wiggles is being rewarded with more than just smiles.
Following in the footsteps of his Yellow and Purple counterparts, Red Wiggle Simon Pryce got married to a co-star in January.
The 45-year-old joined Dorothy the Dinosaur performer Lauren Hannaford, 31, to discuss married life on The Morning Show on Thursday.
‘Simon Pryce and Lauren Hannaford fell in love while touring together, married in January and are now a powerhouse couple,’ co-host Kylie Gillies announced.
She added: ‘This has great story for the grand kids written all over it. Lauren, what was it that made you fall in love with Simon?’
The blonde beauty recounted the excitement she felt on-set, whenever she heard him walking down the hallway.
 ‘I think he’s just such a kind, fun person to be around’ the star gushed.
In reply, Kylie quipped: ‘And that was all despite him wearing a red skivvy?’
Feigning offense, Simon, who joined The …