Professional athletes are sometimes immortalized with bobbleheads, and that’s cool. But Harvard professor Joe Blatt has his own Muppet, and that’s cooler.
Students of Blatt’s at the Harvard Graduate School of Education commissioned a Muppet in the professor’s likeness and gave it to him Thursday as an end-of-year gift. It’s in recognition of Blatt’s longtime relationship with Sesame Workshop, which includes teaching a course called Informal Learning for Children that deals with “Sesame Street.”
“The students had the bold and imaginative idea to contact (Sesame Workshop CEO Jeffrey Dunn) with this idea,” Blatt said, referring to the Muppet. “It’s pretty stunning. I’m sitting here looking at myself.”
Asked what he’ll do with the Muppet, Blatt said he isn’t sure yet.
“I’ll try to find some powerful and motivating way to use it in classes,” he said. “I’m also thinking seriously about never going to another faculty meeting and just propping this up in a …