MONONA (WKOW) — A Monona woman whose business was spray painted with racial and offensive language and images is fighting back, using the same approach as the vandals who tried spreading hate. 
“It was heart-wrenching, it was very sad,” said Melissa Wadsworth, the owner of A Cut Away, as she referred to what she saw when she opened her shop on June 30, 2017. 
Spray painted on the back of her shop’s walls was the n-word, a swastika and offensive words. 
“The words go farther than what people think,” she said. 
The people responsible, who have still not been caught, titled the tagging, “The Monona Mural.” 
But now, the racial slurs and symbols are gone from the building. What left behind is what Wadsworth now calls the new Monona Mural. It’s a beautiful and bright piece of artwork that’s permanently spray painted on the same walls that were once tagged by the vandals. It’s a …