Just when you thought Binghamton students couldn’t get any more impressive, this happened. A group of biomedical engineering students launched a collaboration to create a functional biomedical hand using 3D printing technology about a year ago. Yup, you read that right. A functioning HAND.
Susan Reigel, a Binghamton University Dining Services employee, has always welcomed her customers with a smiling face and bubbly attitude, which did not go unnoticed by the biomedical engineering team of Adam Adler, Jacob Praga, Jacob Volgel, Trey McIntyre, Victoria D’ambrosio and Nico Summa.
37 years ago, Reigel lost her right hand in an industrial accident. It didn’t take long for the team of students to think of her when they made this hand, in hopes that they could improve her quality of life. “The students already knew her and found her very approachable, so two of them agreed to talk with her about the prosthetic project opportunity, and she …