When a boy with autism had a meltdown on a flight without any help, a Chabad Shlucha stepped up in a moving gesture.
So we just flew back from chaperoning an amazing trip thanks to MAYANOT: Taglit-Birthright Israel. The connecting flight had been delayed 3 hrs. and everyone was tired.
About an hour into the 8 hour flight, one of the young passengers, a little boy with Autism, started to have a meltdown. His cries were heard throughout the plane and you could feel the tension among the other passengers.
No one wanted to say anything but it was getting very uncomfortable.
After about 15 minutes, my wife Rochel Groner walked over to his seat by the window and put out her hand. He looked up and took it.
They walked together to the bulkhead where she sat rocking and playing with him for a …