As hard as the staff at Shriners Hospital for Children works to make life easier for their charges, waiting to see a doctor can be nerve-wracking, treatments can be painful and recovering from surgery can be hard.
But as soon as Harley rounds the corner, once glum and frightened faces beam. Tiny hands reach out to pet her. And there are giggles as she licks their cheeks.
Like any therapy dog, Harley can lighten the load of a debilitating condition.
But the yellow lab with the smiling face brings something special to the mix. She is blind.
And that creates a special bond between her and these kids in braces and wheelchairs.
“Oh my gosh, she’s the sweetest dog ever,” gushed Maryann Jarnagin after Harley visited her in her hospital bed, where she was resting from scoliosis surgery.
“It’s amazing that without any eyes she can do that,” said the 16-year-old Charleston girl. “It does show …