SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. – Just about everywhere you look in Western Washington you can’t help but notice a growing homeless problem.  It’s happening in downtown Seattle, in the suburbs, even camping along our waterways.  One local non-profit aims to clean-up the mess left behind.  River Junky Conservation started with one fed-up fisherman.
Dozens of volunteers dig deep into dumps of trash left over by fishermen, campers, and homeless people.
“We’ve seen the need to hold a lot of events and get a lot of raw manpower out here to move a lot of trash at once,” said River Junky Conservation President Jarrod Kirkley.
Saturday volunteers tackled the Snohomish River as the seventh major cleanup project for River Junky Conservation started by Jarrod Kirkley last September.
“I caught a nice fish and it came up on the shore and it was flopping around and I was going to keep it. It was a hatchery fish. …