SPOKANE, Wash. –
A baby and his parents, along with another driver, are all recovering after a horrific crash downtown. It happened near Sprague and Division just before 10 Sunday night.
The family’s van was hit by a driver witnesses claim was going “50 to 60 miles per hour.” They were all injured but expected to be okay, and a big reason why is an unlikely hero.
We all have a past, things we wish we could take back.
“I’ve been in prison the past 17 years,” Josh Tangehahl said. 
But few get the opportunity for redemption.
Tangehahl has only been out of prison for three months after serving nearly two decades for manslaughter. 
“I’m on work release right now,” he said. “I was on my way back.”
The clock was ticking. Tangehahl had just minutes before his strictly enforced Brownstone curfew.
“That’s when I looked …