A family in Canada have been saved from a devastating fire that tore through their home after the youngest son woke his mother to raise the alarm.
Eleven-year-old David Lutgendorf was FaceTiming his father at his home in Glovertown, Newfoundland, when he noticed the flames.
He was the only family member awake at the time and rushed to rouse his mother and sister.
“Within seconds of him getting us up, the flames were everywhere,” his mother, Marcy Smith, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
“It happened so fast,” she said, describing how the flames “ate around” her and her son as they stood in their kitchen by a wood stove.
“The entire kitchen just disappeared while we were standing in it,” she said.
Ms Smith and her two children escaped the house, but their dog, Marley, cats and pet rats were unable to be saved.
The fire is understood to have been started after Ms Smith burned some rubbish in her wood …