CHIPPEWA TOWNSHIP, Ohio – A Doylestown man is crediting his prosthetic leg and an Eagle Scout for saving his life after he fell into Dohner Lake in Chippewa Township Monday evening.
Adam Shannon was on a solo fishing trip, but around 7:15 p.m., a rotting seat on his eight-foot boat suddenly snapped while he was trying to pull anchor.
“The bolts broke loose and the seat flipped off and I went over the side as I was grabbing the anchor,” Shannon said.
He estimated the section of the lake was 18 feet deep and he was in the water about 15 minutes, wondering if he would survive.
Shannon’s below the knee prosthetic on his left leg came loose, but stayed in his pants. That allowed the 45-year-old leg to use it as a flotation device.
“Thank goodness there was air trapped in the rubber mechanism of my prosthetic and it floated.”
Shannon lost the leg in …