A grandmother who nearly died due to a kidney infection has graduated with a doctorate in education from the University of Bristol.
Peggy Styles, 86, took eight years to complete the course due to the life-threatening condition.
“The university was absolutely super and agreed to suspend my studies until I felt better. I was determined to finish my doctorate,” she said.
She is the oldest ever student to graduate from the university.
‘Learn to walk’
Mrs Styles, from Failand near Bristol, fell ill about three years ago, forcing her to suspend her studies for 18 months.
Typically a doctorate degree takes about three to four years to complete.
“I was so ill that I nearly died. I was in hospital for a month and had to learn to walk again,” she said.
Mrs Styles will be joined by her family when she collects her doctorate on 19 July.
Sadly her husband John will not be at her side …